Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly Report 4

 There really wasn't a theme to this week's runs or workouts.  It was just a week of get the workouts done or get through it.

Towards the middle of the week I started getting sick, thus started taking some Nyquil and DayQuil. While both of those do a wonderful job getting me back to feeling like my normal self; they also mess me up while I'm taking them.  So I didn't do much the first day, just focused on sleeping and feeling better.  The second day I focused on a circuit which was tough, but felt pretty good considering how I was feeling.

I spent yesterday just stretching, which was relaxing and made me feel really good, especially today on my run.

The run today felt mostly ok, until the end when I got a little shaky.  It seems like I'm not totally over this cold yet.  However, the craziest part was my running is getting faster and faster.  I've dropped almost a minute on pace, but just for the first two miles and then I get back closer to my original pace.  The fact that I'm getting significantly faster and stronger is making the fact my endurance is stalling perfectly fine.

It's kind of funny... trying to find the perfect blend of strength training and endurance training, and rest for that matter.  They never really seem to be working together, and yet there are signs that one helps the other.  Just have to keep pushing both and eventually, together, they will get me through the Dopey...

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