Tuesday, March 1, 2016

4 Days 4 Runs

The three biggest challenges of running the Dopey Challenge are:

  1. Mileage
  2. 4 Consecutive Running Days
  3. Early Mornings
The mileage I'm working on with each run, both short and long.  I've been building up my strength and endurance in the last few weeks and the changes are starting to show.

The early mornings I'll push through and help with naps the weekend of the races.  Luckily I'm used to early mornings for work and also from morning practices still.  Unfortunately I suffer from the inability to sleep in.  Seriously, sleeping in for me is like 7:30AM, maybe 8:00 if I'm lucky.

So the consecutive days of running.  That's the only challenge I haven't really faced yet.  Well hadn't until this week.  Friday through Monday I made sure to get some sort of cardio in. 

The first two days were on the elliptical, one after a killer weight workout and the other just focused on the elliptical run.  On Sunday I hit the pavement and felt ok.  My knees weren't the happiest, but I got through the few miles I needed to before work and then made it through the rest of my day.  I was still feeling positive from my run by the end of the day, that I had decided to run again on Monday morning before work.  So I set my alarm and got out there for a slightly longer run.

As crazy as it sounds the last run, my 4th day, felt the best out of any of the other runs.  That has probably made me the most excited about what I had done.  The mileage was no where near what I'll need it to be for the actual challenge, but I haven't done that much running in that many consecutive days ever really.  It made me pumped for my training and my success with the Dopey Challenge.  Yes it's still two years away but I'm taking these minor wins because they'll add up to the overall win!

What I've decided to do now is for the rest of 2016 I am going to do a 4 day/4 run mini-challenge every other month.  In 2017 I'm looking at boosting it to every month.  It should make sure I'm as ready as I could ever be for the Dopey!

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