Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Forcing On The Shoes

I know that what I feel right now isn't true exhaustion.  It's just a mix of getting back into real training and the fact it reached 80 degrees this week!  Between the two my body has just decided it wanted to wallow away the nights in bed, streaming different shows on Netflix.

The good news is that I've been drinking a lot more water since the new year so I'm not nearly has dehydrated as I have been in the past.  I guess you could call it a resolution...  The main resolution was to drink less soda and so I replaced that with fruit infused water and normal water.  So far I've only had 2 Dr Peppers this year and a lot more water.   It hasn't been nearly has hard to switch, but has been totally worth it.

I let my body rest on Monday, and then yesterday I did about 30 minutes of Yoga.  Today I finally forced myself to get up, put on my shoes and get out there for a run.  I thought I would only do 2 miles because that was a struggle to do on Sunday.  Yet while I feel worse in real life than I did on Sunday, my run felt a lot better.

I ended up doing a 5k and accidentally discovered that when I add on a new community they're building next to mine makes a perfect 5k loop.  I'm sure that info will come in handy when I have to start figuring out my long run plans.

I probably could have run more, I almost thought about doing 4 miles, but decided to stop instead.  I might go for another run tomorrow, I haven't quite decided.  I still have my normal weights workout on Friday, elliptical run on Saturday, and then a real run on Sunday.  I'm hoping to get in 5 miles on Sunday before I enjoy all the wonderful and unhealthy foods that come with the Superbowl!  Plus the temperatures are dropping starting tomorrow and it should be some great running weather next week!

Part of the struggle this week was mental, it was me fighting with my body and letting my body win.  Luckily, I finally decided to push through it and I'm really happy I did.  I guess that saying about regretting missed run, but never regretting a real run is true...

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