Saturday, April 16, 2016

April Catch Up

This whole month has felt like I was just trying to catch up where I was last month.  My training fell off my plan because I had friends over and I got sick.  Since then my body has decided it likes being lazy and my diet has had great weeks and terrible weeks.

Luckily over the last few days I had a few reminders about why I was doing what I was doing.  First, I received my run3rd medal and t-shirt from that virtual race and then I was able to watch a part of the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 10k this morning.  Between the two a sense of motivation was renewed within me.

The good news is my schedule has gone back to a 5 day work week with real days off again (some weeks I work all 7 days... making training a bit tricky) and I should be able to pick up my training again until my parents get here for their trip.  Even then, we're staying at one of my favorite running resorts so I'm actually pretty excited about that when it comes to my running.

So yes, I've only run about 11 miles this month and will be hoping to run about 10 more before the month is done... whether or not that will happen, who knows, but I'll definitely be trying for it!

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